V Exclusive: REYNA Drops Badass New Track

The sister duo releases their new song “Clueless.”

It’s not an urban myth that siblings have special ways of communicating. Shock or awe is not a feeling that resonates when a sibling professes their deep understanding of the other sibling more than any other person. 
And for siblings to turn that understanding, filled with all of its own complexities and plethora of emotions, and meld it down into a cohesive three minute song is quite a feat. Since the age of 11, Vic and Gab Banuelos of the band REYNA have been doing exactly that, and their latest iteration cultivates that shared bond even further. 
Their new single “Clueless,” which is officially out December 6, is the sisters joint attempt to deal with an emotion felt by many: anxiety. 

“I had a year where I was struggling with a lot of anxiety, specifically social anxiety and panic attacks, and I was feeling very clueless,” said Gabby, who is the lead singer and plays the bass. “This song is kind of just me accepting myself the way I am and telling myself even though you’ve had a hard year with this, you still deserve love and deserve to love yourself.” 
The eighties pop-synth song is also an ode to the iconic movie Clueless. But to Gab, it was more than just a movie. It served as a way to calm any pressing anxiety. V caught up with the sisters after filming the music video for the new song (which happens to be their first self-directed music video) and Gab spoke affectionately about the film’s exceptional ability to calm her down in times of stress. The song asks, “But won’t you stay / And watch Clueless with me?” 
When asked how the pair merge their two individual experiences to create a collective piece of art, both sisters laughed in the all-knowing way that sisters do. Vic, who plays the guitar and keys, said, “We have different experiences because obviously one of us is older, I’m gay, Gab is straight, we have different personalities but we kind of just get things out of each other better than we can for ourselves.” 
In three years of existence, REYNA  has achieved several impressive accomplishments, including highlights in Billboard and Rolling Stone and opening shows for the likes of Kesha and CHVRCHES. The best part is they’re only getting started. “Clueless” is the first of several releases leading to the culmination of an EP release in March and from there, they will begin planning a tour. 
In 2016, they felt as though their music was strong and powerful enough that it had “taken on a name of its own,” so, they adopted a new band name meaning ‘queen’ in Spanish. It represents their exciting, vivacious energy and their long-lasting hope to inspire their listeners. 
“I can only hope that we empower young women to just be their badass self and not to be afraid,” said Gab. Their newest single, “Clueless,” does inspire listeners to be vulnerable about mental health and to share those feelings with.
Watch the duo come to life in the music video below.

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