V Exclusive Video: "Youth" by Nikolai Kokanovich

V Exclusive Video: "Youth" by Nikolai Kokanovich

Photography: Arseny Jabiev

Styling: Aeri Yun

A meditation on vibrancy and ease, the latest work from photographer Arseny Jabiev and director Nikolai Kokanovich focuses on various iterations of youth: think tight silhouettes and classic materials, or unexpectedly multilayered accessories (socks with heels, belts and bodysuits). Youth might not be wasted on the young after all.

See the video below for "Youth" by Nikolai Kokanovich.

Credits: Director - Nikolai Kokanovich DP - Alexey Glebko Photographer Arseny Jabiev (Kramer + Kramer) Stylist Aeri Yun (The Wall Group) Makeup Jenny Kanavaros (Kramer + Kramer) using MAC Cosmetics Hair Matthew Tuozzoli (See Management) Talents: Rocio Marcon (Next Models), Dallas Sessoms (Next Models), and Schuyler Minton (Next Models), Studio Pier 59.


V Exclusive: "Youth" by Arseny Jabiev