V Exclusive: Winnie Harlow and Best Friend Star in FENDI series

How would you and your best friend spend a day-trip to Miami?

While lining up schedules of a supermodel and her best can be hectic at times, Winnie Harlow and her best friend Shannon Hamilton often daydream about being together. However, on the newest episode of FENDI’s #BaguetteFriendsForever series, Winnie and Shannon dream the day into reality as her BFF from New York joins Winnie on an adventurous day around Miami. Amongst the beautiful sunset, the real-life best friend duo travels on Ocean Drive in their Cabrio car, dancing under palm trees and playfully running in the Florida sand. The pair even enjoys quality time at the beauty salon while looking fashionable in Fendi. The Baguette bag family joins in on the excitement with the green FF embossed regular shape, with matching knotted leather baguettes in shades brown, pink, and a vivid-pink terry cloth. The Nano and Pico Baguette add to the Miami fun with a colorful twist. Eventually, the spontaneous day ends with another surprise left in the trunk — the yellow Baguette bag of Winnie’s dreams.

When asked to describe the Fendi Baguette bag, Winnie mentioned, “timeless, fun and legendary” while her best friend attributed the bag as a “must-have, iconic and sophisticated.” As best friends, soul-mates, and sisters the two have loyalty to thank for their long-lasting friendship.

Join the best friends for a drive around Miami, down below.

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