V Girls: Mimi Webb

A fiery vocalist setting the pop sphere on fire

This feature appears in V141 Spring 2023 issue, now available for purchase

Mimi Webb lives the best of both worlds, commanding the stage with a dominating presence as the effervescent Mimi while tapping into her vulnerable side as Amelia. “I always knew exactly what I wanted to do, but just by calling myself Mimi and taking that personality on, it really helped me manifest that person into the world,” she says. Amelia grew up in the rural U.K., attending open mics every chance she got and blasting Adele, Amy Winehouse, and jazz. But it wasn’t until she grew older that she truly allowed Mimi to flourish.

Following a whirlwind year of catchy tunes dominating TikTok and the charts, she is ready to let the world in on every facet of her being—down-to-earth countryside girl, flashy popstar, and pensive writer—through her self-titled debut album, Amelia. The album, penned in a self-ruminating manner, follows Mimi through various points of her life: in relationships (both successful and failed), in her career, and in her personal flourishing.

Mimi Webb wears dress JACQUEMUS / rings TILLY SVEASS / Bracelet CARTIER

Sitting down with Mimi amidst project promotion madness, we tuned the world out and dissected her debut album, the story of a girl who has blossomed into a mature lyricist—whose stripped-back 2020 debut single “Before I Go” garnered over 25 million streams in under a year. “Amelia’s gotta deal with the emotional and life changes, and then Mimi’s riding the wave and loving life,” Webb shares. “This album is going to really give people a better idea of me as a person and as an artist.”

What lies beneath adventurous outfits, powerhouse vocals, and grandiose instrumentals is an artist who has accepted the turbulence of life with ease, sharing her highs and lows with others in a way that is so personal, it almost feels as if we are taking a glimpse into her diary. “[The album] really tells that story of growing up and actually realizing what the world is; realizing what matters,” the singer meditates. “So there are some really sassy, empowering songs on it and there are also some songs where it’s like, ‘Okay, I don’t feel great right now, but it’s okay to feel that. I can sit in that.’”

Mimi wears all clothing CELINE / Earrings and rings TILLY SVEASS / Bracelet CARTIER / For lips, try: MAKE UP FOR EVER Rouge Artist Lipstick in #156 Classy Lace

Amelia takes listeners on a roller coaster ride, starting with regretful lamentations such as “Both of Us” and “Red Flags,” and ending with a poignant, yet triumphant, love letter to the musician’s younger self. Through the years, Mimi has taught herself how to confront future interpersonal relationships—“The advice I’d give my younger self would be to watch, just be careful, don’t give everything away and put yourself first always,” she states—but perhaps the most illuminating realization she has gained is how to better love herself; Amelia, Mimi, and everything in between.

Amelia is available on all streaming platforms.

This feature appears in V141 Spring 2023 issue, now available for purchase

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