V Girls: Sarah Jeffery

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Sarah Jeffery’s initial career ambitions would’ve likely lead her to hospitals, not Hollywood. “I actually wanted to be a nurse, of all things,” Jeffery says. That, or perhaps a dancer—she studied the craft seriously from her toddler years through high school. “It was my whole life; I spent all my time dancing, and I loved it very much,” the Vancouver native recalls. “I’ve always felt happiest entertaining.” Her father’s work as a voice actor also propelled her toward performance. “He was always really playful with me and my sisters and encouraged creativity,” she recalls. With nursing school in the offing, Jefferey’s early auditions were simply bids for spending money, but when she booked her first job at age 16, playing the role of Thandie Newton’s daughter on police drama series Rogue, it felt undeniably right.

“I thought, ‘Why would I go to nursing school when I can do this?’ It makes so much sense,” Jeffery says. “I realized acting was something I absolutely wanted to do, and I was hopeful that I could make a career out if it.” More than a decade of dance did, however, endow her with a body awareness that’s proven quite useful in acting, especially stuntwork—key to Jeffery’s current role on the Charmed reboot, Season 2 of which debuts October 11. Though she’s too young to have watched the original show, Jeffery jumped at the opportunity given her adoration for all things magic. “Harry Potter is my favorite series, and I’ve always loved that wish fulfillment, ‘anything is possible’ idea,” she explains. “It’s very current; those themes are resonant in these times. And the show has a powerful message about our political climate, about women being there for women.”

Following three sisters who use their magic to empower themselves and others, the show was all the more appealing given its diverse cast. “It’s pretty special to have three lead roles played by actresses of color. I was really happy to be a part of that,” Jeffery says.

She’s channeled her own experiences growing up in a big family around lots of women into her bonds with her on-screen siblings. Jeffery also tracks closely with her character, Maggie. “She’s girly and loves fashion, but is also funny, whip-smart, and cares so much; I mean, her power is literally reading minds, [so of course] she’s multifaceted,” she says. Short of her magical powers, Jeffery considers Maggie a much needed positive influence: “I think it’s important for girls to see you can be more than one thing — you don’t have to fall into one category.”

Sarah wears top (worn under) Redemption, T-Shirt Maisie Wilen, Pants Peter Petrov, Earring Cult Gaia






















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