V Girls: Sigrid Is Leading The Rise Of The Norwegian Pop Scene

V Girls: Sigrid Is Leading The Rise Of The Norwegian Pop Scene

V Girls: Sigrid Is Leading The Rise Of The Norwegian Pop Scene

The rising star sits down with V for an intimate chat about her evolution as an artist.

The rising star sits down with V for an intimate chat about her evolution as an artist.

Text: Ilana Kaplan

Earlier this year, the U.S. got a taste of what’s up and coming in the Norwegian pop scene thanks to 21-year-old Sigrid. The singer’s breakout, defiant pop hit “Don’t Kill My Vibe” has been pretty much impossible to forget ever since. Sigrid is one of the ones to watch from Norway’s budding pop soundscape, alongside Billie Van, Dagny and more. Since the release of her debut EP Don’t Kill My Vibe, Sigrid has revealed herself to be a powerhouse on vocals and on stage.

There’s new music on the way for the rising star, but in the meantime she’s been playing shows and spreading her own good vibes to her fans.

At this year’s Øya festival, we caught up with Sigrid about the Norwegian pop scene, her forthcoming new music and her signature style.

What sets you apart from other Norwegian artists coming up now?

I don’t know! I’m quite aggressive when I’m on the stage. I’m not an aggressive person, but I guess it just comes out in the music. There are so many talented people out there right now. I look at so many Norwegian girls at the moment.

What helped you rise in Norway?

I’ve got an amazing team. I have to thank them: my label out here and my management are the big reasons for me doing this. I’m very lucky to have them. I was elected as the [pick] of the week in Norway, kind of like BBC Introducing, so that helped. It’s called “The Week Untouched.” I’ve gotten a lot of support from national radio.

How were you discovered?

That was through NRK Urørt – our national radio station.

Last I spoke to you, you were working on an album for 2018. What’s happening with that?

I don’t have the date, but I’m definitely working on the album. I’m doing writing sessions. I was in a writing session just a couple of days ago.

Who are you writing with?

I’m writing with Martin Sjølie who I wrote “Don’t Kill My Vibe” and “Fake Friends” with. We wrote a tune yesterday that I really like. I’ve been working with producers in London like Sacha Skarbek, Paul Epworth and Jamie Hartman. I work a lot with the guys out in my management’s studio in Bergen. It’s great.

What do you hope your fans get out of your music?

I hope that they see a bit of themselves in it. I’ve been receiving so many nice messages from people saying “this song is about my relationship” or “this song is about my friendship.” That means a lot to me. My lyrics are all very personal.

I remember you saying “Don’t Kill My Vibe” was about how you were treated poorly in a writing session. Have things changed for the better for you since then?

Well, it’s probably the only session that I’ve ever had that was difficult. People are usually pretty nice. I’ve been having a lot of fun in writing classes. Most people have been pretty welcoming. I had a couple of sessions before [the one in the song] that were really nice, so I realized that’s how it should be.

Which artists do you look up to in Norway?

I really look up to Hajk. I was the host on Beats 1 and I invited them to come with me. I look up to them, and I really like Gabrielle.

What do you think your future music will look like?

It’s still very personal and has the same soundscape, but some of the songs are a bt tougher and maybe more hip-hop influenced.

Do you have any songs coming out this fall?

Sorry I can’t tell you!

How does style play into your music?

What’s important for me is that it’s very comfortable. I like that kind of style with sneakers, but still has a small edge to it.

How do you want to change the music scene?

I’m just enjoying that I am able to do this. I’m lucky, and I don’t know if I can change anything, but I hope what I can do is that people can think about their own lives and see themselves in my music.

What pop stars do you look up to?

Can you say that Joni Mitchell is a pop star? She’s a star though. Carole King. Adele. Grimes. Tove Lo. Zara Larsson. Lorde.

Why do you think Norway is the next music hub?

It’s Norway time. Sweden is one of the best pop countries. I don’t have a good explanation as to why Norway is in the win at the moment, but it’s really cool. I think SCUM has really helped. It’s a TV series.


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