V Girls: YDE

The actress-turned-artist offers a refreshing reality check on her forthcoming EP, SEND HELP

This feature appears in V138, now available for purchase.

If you’re wondering where you recognize YDE from, it’s probably your TV screen. Born Breanna Yde, the Australia-native got her start in acting, landing coveted roles on two Nickelodeon shows and Netflix’s Malibu Rescue. But while YDE is the first to proclaim her love for bringing a character to life, she admits she’s long harbored dreams of making music. At six years old, she tagged along with her older brother to see a Lady Gaga concert and was blown away by what she witnessed. “There was something so enticing about seeing someone have a tight grasp on a 17,000-person arena,” she recalls. “Every single person in the arena, all eyes were on this 5’2″ person on stage.”

As she was breaking into the television scene, YDE would write songs and hone her skills on the guitar at home. Finally, she landed a fateful role: playing tomboy rocker Tomika on Nickelodeon’s School of Rock series. For the first time, the budding singer-songwriter was immersed in the process of making music professionally—and promptly fell in love with it. Taking cues from an eclectic range of inspirations that includes Led Zeppelin, Frank Ocean, and Frankie Valli, YDE began to craft her own singular sound.

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Her upcoming debut EP, SEND HELP, reveals an artist possessing wit and wisdom far beyond her years. From the cheeky “Stopped Buying Diamonds,” a fauxapology that calls out Gen Z critics for their audacity, to “People Can Change,” a moving social commentary on climate change and gun violence, YDE isn’t afraid to keep it real. “The whole EP is really my take on all the controversial shit around the world,” she says with a laugh. “That’s the message I return to on every song, that we all go through tough shit, and we’re all trying to figure out how to survive.” Accompanying her honest lyricism is a fearless exploration of genres—stripped-down ballads followed by upbeat pop tracks and jazzy power anthems. Trying to narrow SEND HELP down to one sound is futile—YDE dares to try everything.

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All clothing ISABEL MARANT On face RARE BEAUTY Liquid Touch Weightless Foundation in 360W

There’s no denying that the prodigious talent has accomplished a lot before her 20th birthday. But despite the release of her debut EP being just around the corner, she’s surprisingly grounded about the major career milestone. “I’m honestly just focused on allowing myself to be an artist,” she says. “Not in an outward way, I’m just walking through the open doors and creating when it feels right.”

SEND HELP is now available for pre-order and to stream starting Friday, September 9!

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