V is for Vote Hub Introduces: V127’s Thought Leaders Issue

VMagazine’s 12 different cover stars all share the power in voting.

These 12 cover stars and their respective articles appear in V127’s Thought Leaders Issue, available for pre-order now.

For the past month, VMagazine and VMAN have been focused on promoting voter education. We have shared links and Instagram videos on how to register to vote, tips for voting by mail, how to volunteer at the polls, where to get voting merchandise, and more. But with 26 days left, it is starting to sink in, how important this election is. 

Proudly, V127’s Thought Leaders Issue includes exclusive interviews from 12 incredible cover stars lensed by Inez and Vinoodh. The stars open up — answering political questions that are normally deemed off-limits like: Why is voting important to you? Our journalists pushing the envelop to start the conversations that need to be had ahead of this year’s election. 

For example, actor and co-founder of A Starting Point, Chris Evans discusses partisanship, youth activism, and the importance of empathy. The musician and activist, Jaden Smith, talks about equal representation, inherent racism, and peaceful protesting. Plus the candidate for U.S. Congress and community organizer, Paperboy Prince comments on marginalization, political representation, and spreading love. V is giving the important topics of, Black Lives Matter, the killing of Breonna Taylor, gun regulation, systemic racism, a space to be discussed safely with Halsey, Janelle Monáe, Janaya Future Khan, Mariah Carey, and Julianne Moore. As well as the subjects of self-care, institutionalized racism, thoughts about candidate Joe Biden, global health, and what it means to have uncomfortable conversations — all explored in more detail with Bella Hadid, Jennifer Lawrence, Megan Rapinoe, and Taylor Swift.

Features continue and dig deeper into queer advocacy, protests, plus tips for de-stressing from Ariel Nicholson, Beth Ditto, Bethann Hardison, first-time voter Billie Eilish, and many more to come…

Powerhouses from all different industries, share the power in voting and we want you to recognize the power in your voice. Visit the V is for Voting Hub and… more importantly, see directly below:



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