There are certain “musts” for anyone visiting Iceland. 

Of course, the more popular ones are obvious—the Blue Lagoon, the Northern Lights, the ice caves, and so on. Hell, even the penis museum (or rather, the Icelandic Phallological Museum) has made its rounds on the “can’t miss” experience lists there. But after a stay at The Reykjavik Edition, I can safely say that the hotel should be added to those lists, and with haste.

Like so many of the Edition hotels worldwide, this one’s greatest strength is its ability to mix an extremely chic and modern atmosphere with the location’s more nature-inclined backdrop. There are few places in the world where you can enjoy such a good martini at the lobby bar while also gazing out at a row of snow-capped mountains, sipping on something that feels very much “in the present” and, perhaps, even metropolitan, while soaking in eye candy that was shaped hundreds of thousands (millions?)* of years ago. 

The hotel rooms are beautifully designed and minimalist. I was reminded of that age-old adage: “A cluttered room is a cluttered mind,” and just how much this hotel pushes things in the opposite direction. An insanely chic and sparse room, as it turns out, provides a very tranquil mind. Stunning views of Reykjavik’s cityscape, not to mention those mountains (once again), also don’t hurt. 

Then there’s Tides, which I’d say is yet another “must” even for visitors who choose not to stay at the Edition (for whatever reason). Dinner there offers a stunning view of the sunset over the harbor as one experiences all of the local flavors of Iceland but with an extremely posh twist. It is one of those restaurants that is as delicious for the eyes as it is the mouth, with elegant woodwork interiors and, yet again, that classic Icelandic minimalism. 

After dinner, you might want to head up to the rooftop bar for drinks, a DJ set, and—if you’re lucky—a literally unbelievable view of the northern lights. Sure, you might get a better vista if you go on a group tour to the countryside, but you won’t be able to do it with a full bar at your service (and your insanely cozy bed just a few floors down). Some of us are lazier (smarter?) than others. 

But no trip—and listen to this bit carefully—no trip to Iceland is complete without a visit to the Edition’s spa. The entire hotel is soothing, let alone this calm oasis in a country known for its geothermal waters and general wellness tourism. In addition to the sauna, communal hammam, and steam rooms, you’d be remiss not to try one of their world-famous massages, especially after a day of trudging through the snow or dog-sledding or whatever it is that people who want to leave the hotel do. 

While Reykjavik has always been a lovely city, the addition of the Edition (say that five times fast) has lifted its entire level of sophistication, bringing a new and much-needed element to an already beloved destination. 

*I like nice hotels. I am not a scientist. 

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