V Loves: Ella Hunt

V Loves: Ella Hunt

The up and coming actress was nominated for a BAFTA for her role in Anna and The Apocalypse.

The up and coming actress was nominated for a BAFTA for her role in Anna and The Apocalypse.

Text: Chloe Laguette

Acquaint yourselves with Ella Hunt, star on the rise. At a fresh 20 years old, she already encompasses immense wisdom and a respect for the craft of filmmaking. Her breakout film, Anna and The Apocalypse just hit theaters in New York and LA last week, reaping praise for its creativity. The film is, after all, a zombie apocalypse musical.

Hunt fronts Anna and The Apocalypse as the leading lady, Anna, who guides her friends in a fight against the zombie apocalypse which has taken over the sleepy town of Little Haven, somewhere in Scotland. Despite its morbid premise, the themes bridge a gap between High School Musical and The Rocky Horror Picture Show. The film anchors itself in present-day concerns, at a time where a new generation struggles to shift a cultural conversation that is still dominated by its older, ruling generation. "This film has a very clear message—it's about the kind of world we leave behind for our kids," said Hunt, "Our producers worked hard to ground the story in reality and play up the emotions as authentic—to show these characters as relatable and real people. These are not stereotypes and I think that's what sets the film apart from other musicals and teenage stories."

Her performance was nominated for a BAFTA, for best actress in a film production. "It was such a collaborative project, making this movie, we shot it over five weeks in the freezing cold, in Scotland with very little money. It was a group of people who haven’t done much work prior to it, everyone was super aspirational and determined that we were going to make something special," said Hunt.

The production of the film itself was a 50/50 working ratio of men to women (there was even a female DP) something that is rare to come by in the male-dominated film industry, and something Hunt had never experienced herself. "Sets are usually male dominated and have a hierarchy and that wasn’t the case on Anna. It created a very different kind of work environment, a work environment where everyone felt comfortable to share their ideas. It really taught me the magic of filmmaking and collaboration," said Hunt.

Hunt confessed that she had a difficult time with the physical requirements of the action-packed role, and found deep support in her female collaborators and choreographers. Anna and The Apocalypse comes at a time in which Hunt thinks is the best to be a woman in the film industry. "I've been working with a lot of female directors at the moment and they all talk quite a lot how if you're a female director and you make a bad film, if you fail, it's very difficult to make another it's not quite the same with male directors," she said. "So we need to be letting women in film make mistakes. Otherwise, we won’t have more women stories."

Hunt expressed great hopes for the future of female filmmaking, taking inspiration from Reese Witherspoon and Margot Robbie who are pioneers in the field by creating their own production companies. "My advice to actresses, especially young actresses, I guess its kind of cheesy but be the change you want to see in the world. We just need to be making our own material."



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