V Magazine + EA7 2022 Calendar: Alexis Chaparro

Get into the ring with the model muse and boxing champ as he goes for the KO on the cover of V & VMAN + EA7’s 2022 Calendar!

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Hailing from V’s hometown of New York City, there’s no one as tough as the streets of the city than Alexis Chaparro. Originally from the neighborhood of Ridgewood in Queens, the international model has walked the runways and graced multiple campaigns for some of the industry’s biggest fashion brands but throwing uppercuts in the rings of his local boxing clubs is where Chaparro feels most at home. Blow-by-blow and runway after runway, Chaparro has quickly made his way to the top of the male modeling world while continuing his early set passion for boxing—having become a 3x national boxing champion, who qualified for the 2020 Olympic Trials. As he gears up for an exciting year ahead filled with new opportunities, V’s Kevin Ponce caught up with Chaparro to chat about his early beginnings and his next knockout!

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Get to know Alexis Chaparro in an exclusive interview below: 

V Magazine: How did you first get into sports?

Alexis Chaparro: I got into sports at a very young age. My father had introduced me to the sport of boxing at 4-5 years old and I decided to start taking it seriously at the age of 8.

V: What does a training season look like for you?

AC: A training session for me looks like me going to the gym and doing a dynamic warmup to [prepare] the body and jump rope. Then, doing a bit of shadowboxing, and then straight to the heavy bags [to do] some pad work with my coach as well. After I finish with my coach, I hit the double-end bag and finish off with the speed bag.

V: When did you realize you wanted to boxing?

AC: I realized I wanted to start boxing because I wanted to be a part of the sport my father had been inI wanted to be like my father.

V: Who inspires you boxing?

AC: I have so many people who inspire me in the sport of boxing. I’m inspired by all of the greats like Floyd Mayweather, Muhammad Ali, Sugar Ray Leonard, Mike Tyson, Andre Ward, and the list goes on. I’m just a real student of the game and love everything about the sport.

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V: If you didn’t play your sport professionally, what would your occupation be?

AC: If I wasn’t part of the sport of boxing, my occupation would probably be a counselor or motivational speaker. I take pride in helping people and bringing the best out of them. The greatest gift you can give someone is hope and motivation so I feel that would be my occupation.

V: What are five training essentials you cannot do boxing without?

AC: Boxing is a sport where you have to be trained in every aspect. The five training essentials you can’t do boxing without is running, because you have to build stamina. Sparring, because it is the closest thing to a fight. Shadowboxing, to visualize situations in your mind. Sit-ups to have a strong core, and calisthenics to maintain and gain strength in the body.

V: What are some thoughts you have or things you tell yourself when you’re at your physical limit?

AC: Some thoughts or things I tell myself when I feel I’m at my physical limits are “This is how we operate”, and “We don’t finish when we are tired, we finish when the job is complete.”

V: How exactly do you push through in those situations?

AC: I push through by just remembering why I do what I doI fight and train to be the best so I know I have to overcome difficulties.

V: What are you looking forward to most in 2022?

AC: The thing I’m looking forward to the most in 2022 is returning back to boxing. After being out for a while because of my hand surgery, I can’t wait to show everyone and the whole world who Alexis Chaparro really is.

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