V Magazine + EA7 2022 Calendar: Alix Morillo

Giddy up! The equestrian powerhouse gets candid with V about her early beginnings and what fuels her motivation to ride.

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For Alix Morillo, equestrianism is all she knew growing up. Having developed her fascination and excitement with horse riding all thanks to her mother, the French beauty leveled up from ponies to stallions as she galloped her way into multiple competitions around the world, competing in the international showjumping field. As she graces the pages of our new 2022 calendar, V’s Kevin Ponce caught up with the part-time model and horse rider to chat about her athletic routine, her inspirations, and what she looks forward to in the new year.

Alix Morillo wears EA7

Get to know Alix Morillo in an exclusive interview below: 

V Magazine: Let’s talk about your origin! How did you first get into sports?

Alix Morillo: Horses! My mother was a horse rider so I was raised around horses since I was a baby [and] as soon as a could ride ponies, I [did] so by the time I was 12, I was competing in international showjumping with my fully grown mare “Tentation de Brial”

V: What does a training season look like for you?

AM: For me, the most important part of a training season is building a strong relationship with each one of my horses because every horse is different. You have to put a lot of time into achieving synergy because a horse is a free spirit so it has to completely trust you in order to reach peak performance when it comes time for competitions.

V: When did you realize you wanted to do horseback riding?

AM: I never realized I wanted to ride horses, I just rode them. I was around them since I can remember, not just because of my mother but because I really love horses and I love riding them.

V: Who inspires you in equestrianism?

AM: Growing up I was a big fan of Pierre Durant, an Olympic showjumper. Now I’ve had the chance to train with Phillip Rozier who is an Olympic rider for the French team so not only is he an inspiration but a mentor.

V: If you didn’t play your sport professionally, what would your occupation be?

AM: I love animals so it would be something to do with looking after them and saving them from harmful situations. 

V: What are 5 training essentials you cannot do boxing without?

AM: To be fit and healthy, the need to have a clear mind, a good trainer with who you have a good relationship with, synergy with your horse, and self-confidence 

V: What are some thoughts you have or things you tell yourself when you’re at your physical limit?

AM: I think about what my overriding goal is and I think about how much effort my family puts into me being able to compete.

V: How do you push through?

AM: I push through by thinking of my family and how proud they will be when I win. 

V: What are you looking forward to most in 2022?

AM: I’m going to visit Los Angeles California for the first time in my life and I hope to find a stable there in order to continue my passion and learn the different style of horse riding called show hunter.

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