V Magazine + EA7 2022 Calendar: Miles Chamley-Watson

Fashion’s favorite Fencer shares who’s inspiring him at the moment, his driving force to be the best and what he hopes his legacy will be

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If defeating a fellow fencer on a national team before hitting puberty wasn’t an indicator that Miles Chamley-Watson was destined to be an olympian, then his unwavering dedication to be the best might have given it away. Competitive at a young age, Chamley-Watson thrived in several sports from cricket and football to rugby, but it wasn’t until he was put into fencing lessons (as a punishment from his parents) that the stars truly aligned for him. Enamored by the skill, tactical nature, and the art of fencing, the then 12-year-old fencer’s hunger and drive only heightened match after match.  That same intensity and passion for competing has stuck with Chamley-Watson, ultimately powering his rise to being the face of an entire sport. Now after dominating the fencing & fashion scene for years, the two-time olympian is looking forward to continuing to make his mark and inspire the next generation of olympians, sharing with V “I’m looking forward to growing my foundation, building my brand, inspiring kids—and just letting people know what I can do in this world. I’m just warming up.”

Get to know Miles Chamley-Watson in an exclusive interview below: 

V Magazine: How did you first get into fencing? Or Sports in general? 

Miles Chamley-Watson: I first got into fencing when I was 11 years old because it was a punishment for me when I got into trouble. After I moved to NYC from London I was only used to cricket, football and rugby.

V: What does a training season look like for you? 

MCW: A training session starts with meditation and journaling. Then I move onto weights and then take a break. After that I go straight into fencing, and after that I finish every session with a massage or cool down workout. These sessions consist of 6 hours.

V: Wow, that sounds intense.  I think for a lot of disciplines or passions that become a “job” there’s often a spillover into the personal areas of your life. How has sports affected the non-athletic parts of your life?

MCW: Sports gave me everything. Discipline, time management, losing and adversity. It’s why I work so hard and go so hard with everything I do.

V: What about fencing intrigued you initially? When did you realize this is what you wanted to do with the rest of your life? 

MCW: It was the intimacy and pure combat aspect of having something in my hand while fighting to see who wins. I think when I was 12 years old, after I beat an 18 year old who was on the national team—that was when I knew this is what I wanted to do for the rest of my life.

V: Who inspires you in the realm of fencing or just sports in general? 

MCW: My coach really inspires me in fencing. But [in general] Bruce Lee definitely does [inspire] me. At this moment I don’t really have a heron in my sport in terms of athletes.

V: If you didn’t play your sport professionally, what would your occupation be? 

MCW: I honestly think I would play soccer or run track. Although I must admit that I wanted to be a chef or pilot as a child. 

V: And now a question that I think most people would want to know! What are 5 essentials you need while training or competing? 

MCW: Oh, definitely my fencing uniform, my coach, music, food, and lastly my bed. 

V: In sports, athletes are often in situations where you have to push your body to do these exceptional things. When you are facing a difficult moment in training or competing and you are simply at your physical limit how do you continue on? How do you push through?

MCW: When I’m at my limit, I tell myself everyone gives up now, this is when you start working…working harder. 

V: What are you looking forward to most in 2022?

MCW: In 2022 I’m looking forward to showing the world what the greatest fencer in the world is all about. Growing my foundation, building my brand, inspiring kids and just letting people know what I can do in this world. I’m just warming up!

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