V NEEDS: Winter Beauty Essentials

V NEEDS: Winter Beauty Essentials

Here's our guide to prep you for the cold months ahead.

Here's our guide to prep you for the cold months ahead.

Text: Reshmi Kaur Oberoi

1.  It’s no surprise that the hallmark beauty issue coinciding with a drop in temperature is dry, patchy, dehydrated skin, however, applying foundation over popcorn ceiling-like bumps and pulled skin are the least of your worries. After all, varieties of deep cleansing moisturizers outnumber the growing number of pumpkin spice latte dupes. But a new organic moisturizer with adaptogenic mushroom reishi, and ancient healing herbs like holy basil and ashwagandha promises a zero chance of breakouts with a light, non-greasy but almost magic-like penetration-consistency. And unlike most creams that require globular, pore-clogging amounts and reapplication, this Brooklyn-based product literally only requires a dime-sized amount to be as fulfilling as the borough’s famed avocado toasts. Just as Food Network personality, Katie Lee, who uses the product as part of her skincare routine.

2. If magical mushrooms and Ayurvedic medicine is too far from the mainstream for you, we’re happy to report a more ‘basic’ alternative: the pumpkin. The beta-carotene or orange color of the fall fruit (yes, it’s a fruit with seeds) is chock full of vitamins A and C that brighten the complexion and slough off skin cells on the surface without damaging micro bead exfoliating cleansers that tend to be harsh. From masks to toners, pumpkin-infused products promise to fight free radicals for smoother, revitalized, balanced, and more youthful looking skin. Take Peter Roth Thomas Roth’s highlighter orange pumpkin enzyme peel mask. The whipped viscous gel-like product in the jar has pure pumpkin puree that possesses antioxidants and fatty Omega-acid that reduce fine lines, hydrate, and soothe.

3.  OGX organic hair products have released a limited edition holiday line of shampoo and conditioners, using traditionally warming winter aromatics like cinnamon, vanilla, cranberry, and Amber that really only effectively promise to hydrate hair strands. However, the game changer is gaining the positive spirit and mindset that aromatherapy achieves, resulting in a domino effect of less cortisol levels leading to less hair fallout and a happy and healthy landscape for optimal hair health. 

4.  It’s unlikely that anyone would willingly apply crystal rose quartz and jade rollers that have been sitting in your freezer. This Holiday season, beauty doesn’t have to be pain. Now you can swap out those rollers for warming turmeric - the yellow-tinged spice with anti-inflammatory potency and has a warming sensation when inhaled. Cocokind’s Turmeric blemish stick, an organic make-up product, has made its way from Whole Foods Market to bespoke beauty counters. You could also opt for a slightly more familiar hybrid of turmeric with wintery cranberry thanks to Kiehl’s Turmeric and Cranberry Seed Energizing Mask with brightening effects evidenced in its lemon drop yellow-paste consistency.

5.  Instead of fireplace sweats, that causes your body to go from too cold to too hot, opt for a bath soak instead. Filling your tub with hot water provides sustainable warmth that doesn’t make you miss the cold. There is nothing quite like a spa experiences right at home to recover from the frigid outdoors. GOOP G’Nite Bedtime Soak, crystalline amber-colored salts is ideal for the winter months. All too reminiscent of brown sugar, the soak is composed of valerian root and Australian sandalwood for a musky combination that swaps out pungent pine for a cozy, smoky, fireside feel.

6.  As with every holiday season, famed per fumier, Jo Malone, released their winter exclusives fragrances: Orange Bitters and Ginger Biscuit. But the newest addition to the holiday duo is a must-have this season: White Moss and Snowdrop Cologne. With iridescent champagne gold lettering and cap, the quintessential rectangular collectible bottle holds notes of a sharp cardamom, delicate snowdrop floral, and woodiness from earth-grown Moss. The scent promises to warm your senses, literally promising to defrost your chill for a snow-drop effect.

7.  Rihanna Fenty Beauty’s Chill Owt Collection is one big play on winter Namesake products. Take her Killawatt Foil palette for example: the colors no doubt allude to the metallic prism like sheen of crumpled aluminum foil and the shimmer could be mistaken for varying watt lightbulbs. The color ranges from a violet like the sky post-snowstorm - scandal’ice- to a mauve tan - stone cold. And the eye and lip crayon set - by the name of bunny/hunny frost - will have you toting them along with you on the bunny slope and beyond.


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