This feature appears in the pages of V140 now available for purchase

Allow us to introduce you to the fantastical, beautiful–albeit crazy–world of AES+F. Here, policemen sit atop centaurs in a field of grass and well-off individuals exercise in spin workout classes in Buddhist temples. It’s absurd and preposterous, but purposefully so.

Image courtesy of AES+F

The artist collective specializes in digital works that satirize centuries-long allegories and poke fun at age-old beliefs. This 480-page volume showcases the group’s formidable efforts in socially conscious artmaking over the past three decades in alluring depth and detail. Organized into three sections, the tome articulates their visual journey, highlighting their most significant shifts since their conceptual evolution. And with this unprecedented look, AES+F establishes themselves as not just an influential force in digital practices, but in the whole contemporary art movement.


AES+F is available February 28, 2023 via Rizzoli.

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