The legendary multidisciplinary creative takes center stage through riveting retrospective

If there’s a thread to be stitched between the body and the earth, then it’s Simone Forti who holds the needle. Known for a striking depth of movement in her six decades of choreography, the visual artist may best be represented by her Dance Constructions, sculpturist interpretations of the human form in synergy with assorted props—but that’s far from all.

Simone Forti, Planet, P.S.1 Long Island City, NY, 1976, performed with music by Peter Van Riper. Pictured: Simone Forti and Sally Banes. Image by Peter Moore. Courtesy of The Box, Los Angeles.

Soon to grace the galleries of Los Angeles’ Museum of Contemporary Art is a sweeping account of Forti’s monumental career and dynamic work, transcending her famed Constructions. From video documentation to performance ephemera spanning 60 years, the exhibition is nothing less than the ultimate homage to a contemporary creative.

Simone Forti, Slant Board, performed at the Stedelijk Museum, Amsterdam, May 1982, performance with plywood and rope, 10:00 min. The Museum of Modern Art, New York. Committee on Media and Performance Art Funds. © 2022 The Museum of Modern Art, New York.

Simone Forti is on view at the Museum of Contemporary Art from January 15 through April 2, 2023.

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