Crank up the vestiary volume and thrash out to this season’s hottest releases—equal parts classic and coquettish. From sliced-up baby doll dresses to punky pumps and velvet-coated arm candy, one of these showstoppers might just be the mic-drop your wardrobe’s been waiting for all along.


Tess wears watch and necklace TIFFANY & CO. HardWear watch (in sterling silver and steel with diamonds) HardWear pearl lock necklace (in silver, 9–10 mm)

Let’s get one thing straight; diamonds are a girl’s best friend. At Tiffany’s The Landmark, however, they’re so much more than just that. They’re the past, present, and future. Where 83 years of haute horlogerie heritage muses with modernity, The Landmark gets updated with uber-sleek modern design and interactive displays. However, it is Tiffany’s on Fifth Avenue, after all…so a dash of old-school glamor is to be expected. Note the Tiffany Diamond on display. With a whopping 128.54-carat serving of diamond, this scandal of a stone speaks to all the gem-maphiles out there. We know: you’re dying for a slice. While you can’t exactly take a chunk out of this beauty, you can scope out Tiffany HardWear: a line of mesmerizing timepieces launched to celebrate the rebirth of The Landmark. Lustrous diamonds scintillate with sophistication, leading to a crystal dial shaped in the likeness of the renowned rock. Glimmering in their icy brilliance, one of these watches might just satisfy that diamantine desire.


Dress and accessories DUA LIPA X VERSACE

Ver-sa-ce: three little syllables roll off the tongue, amounting to one massive household name. Just say its name out loud, and a melody of Greco-Romano drama crescendos with a sensual snare that’s so bold it can only be of the Milan-based fashion house. This time around, the house’s score of seduction gets remixed with Donatella and Dua Lipa on the 1s and 2s. Effervescent with its bubblegum hues and drenched in Y2K fantasy, the collection puts a vernal spin on Versace’s maximalist melody. Butterflies flutter around ladybugs while the house’s signature gilded barocco swirls curve with attitude. Dubbed “La Vacanza,” this collection takes a holiday to the Italian cinema of the ’60s, where polka dots adorn heads- carves and baby doll dresses in Flamingo Pink flare and It-girl energy. The heat of seductive slits at the hip and waist thaws the icy chrome Medusa heads adorning tops and dresses. If you’re craving a little vestiary escape, take a trip down to La Vacanza, where the diva and the dreamer collide.



Be they platformed or pointed, the legendary stiletto is perhaps the height of seductive statement wear. Impractical by nature, yet pulsing with va-va-voom power, the stiletto is where the soul is. A short dagger whose tapering blade was once used for close combat in the Middle Ages, the stiletto is now synonymous with the drop-dead allure of the high heel. Merging the regal and the rebel, Alexander McQueen reimagines the sharp seduction of the stiletto in a new mode of dashing darkness. The iconic heel gets steeped in a delectable brew of onyx lacquer. Note the Punk Buckle Mule. Pointed to a needle-sharp tip, these mules will have you dressed to kill. Dipped in a chrome bath, their pointed toes unleash the angular anarchist within. Need we say more? Break the rules. Smash the system. McQueen’s latest punk-me-pumps let you call the shots.



Slapping nostalgia and whimsicality onto Coach’s legacy of lustrous leather, the brand’s latest capsule collection in collaboration with “Observed by Us” leans into the narrative aspect of fashion—quite literally. Spearheaded by Los Angeles-based artist Jessica Herschko and actor Kirsten Dunst, the artistic project decks out Coach’s historic leather swatches with playful stories printed in Herschko’s handwriting. You’ll also find sprouting mushrooms, dinosaurs, sailboats, and solar systems from distant galaxies born of Herschko’s imaginative eye. Her hand-drawn illustrations teem with vibrance on ready-to-wear apparel, bags, footwear, and accessories, speaking to the inner child within us all. Take kidcore to the max and don a pair of twinkling intergalactic denim overalls or strut down the hippie chic path with a white leather shoulder bag sprouting with euphoric horticulture for the ultimate in flower power—your call.



It’s often said “home is where the heart is”, but what if that entails 5,700 square feet of Italian luxury and tailoring prowess? Then, it’d be wise to follow the trail of meticulously sewn seams to SoHo, where you’ll find Armani’s latest retail space. Just one block from where the house’s New York legacy all began, you’ll find an exclusive bag brimming with all the enigmatic allure of the Armani name, with its luscious velvet and embroidery in high relief. In concert with its setting, the famed fashion house unleashes its newest bag into the concrete jungle with ample space for the Manhattanite on the run. If you feel like evoking the inner glamazon, head south and indulge in Armani’s luscious landscape of downtown delights.


Fragrance LOEWE

They say without perfume, the skin is mute. If that’s so, what happens when an iconic fashion house, Loewe, orchestrates a symphony of scent with pear and peony as the instruments and the skin’s pores as its sections? Enter Aire Anthesis. Loewe’s latest olfactory indulgence buds and blossoms with wild, audacious Spanish energy. Whereas the staccato bursts of luscious fruits and invigorating florals tantalize the senses, sandalwood suffuses their zing with a mist of buttery warmth. The secret ingredient? A dash of Loewe’s Accord. A signature of the house’s scent, Accord draws inspiration from the rockrose. At the core of its five white petals, each with a crimson stain, you’ll find the scented soul of Loewe.

This feature appears in the pages of V143: now available for purchase!

Photography Damien Ropero

Fashion Emma Oleck

Makeup Tomoyo Shionome (South James)

Hair Izumi Sato (87 Artists)

Model Tess Carter (The Society)

Manicure Mamie Onishi (SEE Management)

Digital technician Sherridon Poyer

Location Porter Studio 

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