V News: The Decades of Dior

The french luxury house unveils their latest tome chronicling the metamorphosis of one of their most iconic spaces

This feature appears in the pages of V140 now available for purchase


Deconstruction, reconstruction, metamorphosis. Dior’s Parisian headquarters has seen it all, and thanks to photographer Robert Polidori, so can we. Through the lens, rooms that once havened the finest of French haute couture are demolished into nothing, as the house’s own hôtel particulier undergoes the remodel of the century. In writing, the words of Emanuele Coccia narrate the evolution of the wondrous refuge built back up from the ground. Forever imprinted on its clothbound crystal pages, this iconography follows the address that first caught the eye of Christian Dior in 1946, as it’s reborn again to home history of
the future.

Image courtesy of Dior and Rizzoli

Dior Metamorphosis is available February 28, 2023 via Rizzoli.

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