While other kids played little league or hung out in the mall, the Combs sisters spent their afternoons at recording studios, red carpets, and music video sets. That’s because identical twins Jessie and D’Lila and half-sister Chance are part of the royal family of hip-hop—their father is Sean “Diddy” Combs, the famous rap artist and multi-hyphenate mogul. As heirs to the throne, the girls witnessed firsthand the dedication that goes into building a creative empire.

All clothing and accessories ALEXANDER MCQUEEN (both)

“Growing up, we’ve always been around different artists and in the studio with our dad,” Chance recalls. “Even though we don’t want to pursue music right now, just seeing his work ethic and persistence has definitely been a big contributor to the drive we have to pursue our dreams.” At just sixteen years old, the girls are already proving themselves capable of wearing the crown. The sisters made their runway debut at Dolce & Gabbana’s enchanting 2021 Alta Moda show in Venice. It was an especially meaningful moment for the twins, whose mother, model Kim Porter, tragically passed away in 2018. Porter had a prolific career, covering magazines like Essence, Jet, and Runway and walking in countless runway shows. From a young age, her daughters dreamed of follow- ing in her footsteps.

“It was very inspiring, watching her try on the clothes and take pictures,” D’Lila shares. “We always would watch her and know that that’s what we wanted to do.” And with their breathtaking debut, they showed the fashion industry that modeling is their birthright. Like their model mom, Jessie and D’Lila have ambitions of covering major glossies and doing shows and campaigns for other major brands. While Chance has also dabbled in modeling, her passion lies in acting. The aspiring thespian felt the pull of the stage early, immersing herself in theater and improv classes starting at five years old.

D’Lila, Chance, Jessie wear all clothing SEBASTIEN AMI (SS23) / Earrings LA MORALES / Belt ALLSAINTS

“Acting has helped me evolve more as a per- son, and it’s helped me step out of my comfort zone,” she reflects. Though still in high school, she talks excitedly about starting her first college-level performing arts program. Inspired by trailblazing multi-hyphenates like Zendaya, Chance aims to use her acting career as a jumping-off point for directing, producing, and entrepreneurial pursuits rooted in her craft.

The sisters aren’t the only ones continuing the family dynasty–their older brothers Quincy, Justin, and Christian are also building careers in fashion, acting, and music. With a family business that’s closer to an empire, the pressure to live up to their parents’ success is amplified tenfold. Still, the girls always have each other to lean on. Whether they’re cheering each other on from the sidelines or working together, their tight-knit sisterhood makes them a creative force to be reckoned with.

D’Lila, Chance, Jessie wear all clothing SEBASTIEN AMI (SS23) / Earrings LA MORALES / Belt ALLSAINTS

“We always have a support system in each other,” D’Lila shares. “We are always supporting each other no matter what our goals are, what we want to do in the future.” Armed with passion, dedication, and an unshakeable bond, the Combs sisters aren’t just poised to uphold their family’s legacy—they’re ready to forge their own.

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