V Picks: The Best Perfume Scents and Stores in SoHo

V Picks: The Best Perfume Scents and Stores in SoHo

We chose our fragrance favorites of the summer, from our favorite shops in New York City's SoHo neighborhood

We chose our fragrance favorites of the summer, from our favorite shops in New York City's SoHo neighborhood

Text: Gabriella Salkin

Text: Jillian Selzer

With a new season comes a new style transition, and your fragrance of choice is no exception. Perfume ties a look together while making an impression, but finding the ideal scent can be tricky. To help with the process, V stopped by local perfumeries in and around SoHo (near our office, of course!) and picked out this summer's essential fragrances to keep you fresh and in top V shape all season long. We skipped the big name brand scents in favor of things more special, but if you're in the area and insistent you can always swing by Bloomingdales on Broadway. This list of course doubles as a nice perfumery shopping guide for when you're in New York next.

Check out our favorites below, specifically catered to a simple summery vibe.

Heeley Paris in "Sel Marin" at MiN New York, 117 Crosby Street, $180

Unexpectedly spicy, the combination of sea salt, lemon, algae, and cedar in Sel Marin is a perfect match for the heat of summer. In the words of MiN itself, this perfume is "sun, warm sand and a gentle breeze of fresh sea air." Whether you're stuck in the office all season or vacationing at the best beaches, Sel Marin is perfect for any setting, making it a reliable choice for a signature scent.

NY Beaches Collection in "Montauk" at Bond No. 9, 9 Bond Street, from $215

Based off the idyllic and laid-back fishing village of its namesake, Montauk is a breezy, light and subtle fragrance for the season. Credited by Bond No. 9 as the "world's first summer sunset perfume", this scent is the epitome of elegance, with honeysuckle, bergamot and driftwood. Pair with a glass of your best wine, a summer bonfire, and a killer sunset and you can't go wrong.

Neroli 36 at Le Labo, 233 Elizabeth Street, from $75

With bases of orange essence, rose, and vanilla, Neroli 36 is perfect for your weekend trip to the Hamptons. It's both sweet, refreshing, and packs a punch. Handcrafted as a part of Le Labo's classic collection, this fragrance is all you need for your go-to perfume. Ideal for the beachside, poolside, and everything in between, Neroli 36 is that summer vibe in a bottle.

Rodeo at Byredo, 62 Wooster Street, $230

With its recent June 1 release date, the scent couldn’t be more fitting for summer. The release of Rodeo arrived with the new collection of leather goods by the Swedish company, compacting the scent of the leather into a 100 ml eau de perfume. While obviously leather-based, Rodeo is not overbearing, but pleasing with its smoky feel. This scent is exclusive to Byredo’s Wooster Street location. For more information, contact 212-219-1584.

MERINGA FOR OSSWALD at Osswald, 311 West Broadway, $250

Another New York City-exclusive scent, Meringa is named after the creamy meringue dessert, with notes of vanilla, orange blossom, jasmine and tonka bean. The warm notes complement each other oh-so-delicately, giving you that signature summer scent. Stop into Osswald’s West Broadway location for this NYC-exclusive scent.

Credits: Photo Courtesy of Osswald NYC


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