V Premiere: Cool Together by Alexina

V premieres the catchy new song of the summer, “Cool Together,” by Alexina.

If you don’t already know about London-based pop diva Alexina, listen up: she’ll take over your playlists in no time. The Scotland-born songstress premieres her new single “Cool Together” on V.

Alexina’s voice places her in the same moody pop category as indie-artists-turned-pop-stars Halsey and Tove Lo. The ever-so-slight rasp in her voice comes out in a seductive, captivating way, especially at the song’s opening.

It starts slow and steady. Alexina is clearly in no rush, a nod to her musical intuitiveness, ear for timing and ability to bait and hook. The sensual song builds into a more textured piece, adding subtle electronic percussion. The crescendo, slow and expectant, reaches the chorus in a way that can only be described as explosive. The crooning singer switches to full-on dance mode, making “Cool Together” an undeniable pop anthem.

You know the EDM DJs who employ the stellar vocals of lesser known—at the time—female artists to turn their dance tracks into smash hits (re: Wafia in Louis the Child’s “Better Not,” Maren Morris in Zedd’s “The Middle,” or ROZES in The Chainsmoker’s “Roses”)? Alexina could easily be one of those elusive but killer female singers featured on those hit songs. Instead, she is achieving this sound on her own.

The song hits the mark lyrically, not just sonically, too. It explores the rush of adrenaline behind meeting someone electric and the timid thrill of having unfaithful thoughts. Alexina describes it as “a bit of a bratty pop song.” This mainly comes through in the bridge, which operates as a cover up for those unfaithful thoughts.

“I’m sorry yeah you know what I can be like/
shooting off my mouth when I’m drunk and I feel like/
telling everybody that I love ’em when I got too high, curious inside”

Alexina’s “Cool Together” made its way onto V’s summer playlist after just one listen and something tells us the same will happen for you. Listen to the track below. You won’t regret it.



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