V Premiere: CYN, Holy Roller

See the latest from spicy-sweet pop star CYN, whose latest video for Holy Roller brings an unexpected grit to her tender persona.

Tender popstar CYN displays an unexpected edge in her latest video. While the singer stuck to her usual retro-chic vibe and soft lighting, the track definitely picks up the tempo. “The video for ‘Holy Roller’ is truly a collaboration of all involved, resulting in our version of a girl cult with a side of wink. This video is meant to provoke some thought and definitely meant to make you smile,” CYN said. “When I wrote the song, I was trying to relax and not take myself too seriously— the same goes for the video. I was aiming for something true to me, and this video hints at how I was raised and what I believe now.”

See the premiere for “Holy Roller” by CYN below.

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