V Premiere: “Dream / Dream” Video by Jagwar Twin

Jagwar Twin encourages us all to dream a bit more in their song, “Dream / Dream”, with a new video, performing live in a living room.

We all have to dream a little more. At least that’s what Jagwar Twin is telling us. The collective project, spearheaded by Roy English, released “Dream / Dream” with their debut album Subject to Flooding in April. Now, English revisits the song with a new version and video, performing it stripped-down, live in a living room. If you’re a sucker for a song with meaning, this is one for you. Jagwar Twin said about their song, “It’s impossible to ignore the current state of the world and the dehumanization happening around us all. No matter who you are, what color your skin is, what side of the imaginary line in the sand you were born, what circumstances you’ve experienced in the past, we should all be able to pursue our dreams equally.” This comes on the heels of “Loser” (this one you’ll hear on the radio), which is currently Jagwar Twin’s most-streamed song on Spotify by over 4 million listens.

If you like a live vocal that sounds just like its recording, you’ll be even happier. Check out the live version of “Dream / Dream” by Jagwar Twin below. Listen to Loser here. Watch the video for Long Time Coming here.

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