V Premiere: Jada Michael’s “Freak”

Self-positive, body-positive, and sex-positive.

Singer-songwriter Jada Michael recently debuted an intimately seductive video for her new single, “Freak.” Exuding self-confidence under an array of saturated hues, Michael sheds an empowering light on body-positivity and representation within her video. 

As an LGBTQ+ artist, Michael spoke about the importance of conveying sexual freedom for her single: “Being the most authentic version of yourself means everything to me! Freedom is our greatest gift and I believe it is important to exercise that as often as possible. Music and sexuality are some of the most magical abilities we have to express our freedom, mostly because they are fun as hell! I hope the vibe and lyrics of the song will put listeners in a mood to feel in touch with that fun freedom. Imagine flirting on your boo, feeling like the baddest bitch in the universe and dancing like Teyana Taylor: That’s what I want for all listeners <3” 

Watch Jada Michael’s latest music video for “Freak” below.

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