V Premiere: Jena Rose, Mad Man

Check out the exclusive music video below.

American pop singer Jena Rose has given V an exclusive first look at her official music video for her single, “Mad Man”. The single tells a story of someone obstructing your potential of growth, rooting from toxic and unhealthy relationships. The dark effect in the music video is a perfect visual interpretation of the message.

Jena Rose gave us an a little insight into her personal vision for the video, saying, “our goal with the video was to make it very vibe-y, dark, and visually appealing as well as reflect the message of the song. I wrote the song about a person in your life who is dragging you down, whether that’s a significant other, friend, or anyone else who is a negative influence on you. There’s also a lot of religious imagery in the song to play off the fact that this ‘Mad Man’ reflects the devil and you’re in hell when you’re with that person.”

Director Gordy De St. Jeor fully grasped her vision. He went on to say in a statement, “this music video is really about the struggle between yourself and temptation. There’s a constant battle between right and wrong everyday in your own mind, and even when you know the consequences, you sometimes set the wrong part free, and that’s really what this video exploits.”

Check out the video below and exclusive photos of Jena Rose.

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