V Premiere: Jodie Harsh's "Filthy Rich" ft. Hayley May

V Premiere: Jodie Harsh's "Filthy Rich" ft. Hayley May


V Premiere: Jodie Harsh's "Filthy Rich" ft. Hayley May

Feel "Filthy rich" with Jodie Harsh and Hayley May.

Feel "Filthy rich" with Jodie Harsh and Hayley May.

Photography: Thomas Knights

The London producer, songwriter, DJ, icon, and thee Queen, Jodie Harsh is here with a new single. Featuring Hayley May, "Filthy Rich" challenges the correlation between money and happiness with irony filled lyrics. "V caught up with Harsh, who is taking a break from nightlife while still bringing fierce beats and the Harsh energy.

Learn more about the inspiration behind this song, Jodie's hopes for the "new world," and view exclusive photos of her signature blonde beehive hairstyle down below.

V Magazine: What is this song about? 

Jodie Harsh: Filthy Rich is basically holding a mirror up to the lie we’re all fed about how money makes us happy, as if by magic! Me and the vocalist, Hayley May got together and wrote this fun, poppy top line about a person being bored of their 9-5 job and how everything would be suddenly perfect if they won loads of money. It’s definitely full of irony.

V: How do you feel your sound is evolving? 

JH: It’s getting a little more educated I think - I very much respect music of all genres and as I build a bigger music library in my head it informs my sound. I’ve become a disco nerd! But ideas can come from any place really - I got the idea for Filthy Rich when I was at the Moschino fashion show a few seasons back and Jeremy had created this amazing game show set, and the models came out to the classic song Come On Down by Crystal Waters which sampled The Price Is Right theme tune. There was confetti falling down and it was so joyful and I thought…ohh I want to bottle this mood!

V: What changes are you hoping for in the "new world?" Maybe especially within the fashion or music industries? 

I definitely think everything needs to slow down a little. Everything is so fast these days, and we often don’t appreciate what we’re fed because we’re not given the chance to. I think travel will happen less and be more meaningful, the arts will be incredible and should be more accessible to all, and the environment will be given the love and respect it deserves as humans have ripped it apart for the last hundred years.

V: What is your day-to-day looking like while quarantining? 

JH: I’ve been pretty disciplined - I figured this was going to be one of the only times in my life where I can switch to waking up early, going to bed early type of routine. I’m a night owl normally, a bit of a vampire! Now I’m rising first thing, working out a bit, making loads of music and doing some DJ sets on Instagram live and zoom which helps funnel that entertainer energy. Of course, there are rough moments, but I’ve really tried to stay as creative, productive, and positive as possible and make lemonade out of these lemons. I’m definitely missing the dance floor though.

V: If you had to describe this song in one word, what would it be and why?  

JH: Would have to be something very specific, so ‘cunty’. Actually ‘major’ sells it a bit better. Either one of those!


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