V Premiere: “Mine” by Uffie

Following her return to music, Uffie dropped her new single “Mine” this morning, delivering her brand of electro-pop for old and new fans alike.

It had been almost 10 years since Uffie dropped an album when she released her latest, Tokyo Love Hotel, earlier this year. Now the floodgates are open and Uffie is back again today with even more. “Mine”, her newest single, is about a fluttering feeling of romance. Uffie describes, “Does anyone call you mine? When someone gives you those middle school butterflies from across the room, and you just have to know… because you’re feeling it.”

Elaborating further, Uffie said, “Summer brings out all the possibilities and the promise of adventure and mystery. It’s a sexy time. Directly asking someone if they are single looses that, but asking “does anyone call you mine” sets the tone for a playful build of seduction. It’s a state of mind.” Made with her friends Imad Royal and Rogét Chahayed, the trio channeled their “incredible” energy into this 2 minutes and 43 seconds of electro-pop fun. If that’s the kind of music you’re looking for, look no further.

Listen to “Mine” below.

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