V PREMIERE: Misterwives Releases New Single “Superbloom” From Upcoming Album

We’ve been having revelations.

Just last month Misterwives released “Rock Bottom”, reveling in a realm of ‘broken pieces’ with a vow to never return. The indie-pop group manages to continue on their own set trajectory, having mended those pieces into an entirely new conglomeration. “Superbloom” echoes “Rock Bottom’s” refrains, an ode to those blooming in their own right, and to the burgeoning sense of euphoria which undoubtedly ensues.

Standing in the superbloom, amongst the vast and vibrant flowers that weren’t supposed to grow in the desert terrain, I was moved by its beauty and accurate representation of where I was at in life,said Misterwives’ Mandy Lee, upon visiting California’s Antelope Valley.Just like the flowers, I had grown in unexpected places. After experiencing a not-so-graceful and incredibly turbulent fall to rock bottom, I picked myself up and slowly grew through the pain. I felt an awful lot like these resilient little poppies that came out the other side against all odds – and I think that deserves congratulations.

The release certainly does deserve congratulations: the project embraces the vulnerability inherent in the ‘not-so-graceful’, seamlessly navigating through precarity to reach a self-assured superbloom. Misterwives does so with harmonious ease, an upbeat  ‘Reflections’ era sound yet altogether more mature and refined. Certainly, the sound resonates with those not quite at an intoxicating high, yet emerging through the cracks; for as lyrical affirmations will attest, no one needs to save you

The resulting product is an acoustic atmosphere rivaling the most iridescent florals, a reminder of all that’s left to come beneath the surface. In an especially unprecedented era, the reminder is more than welcome.

The single is the titular track, alongside 18 others, in Misterwives’ upcoming album SUPERBLOOM. Listen in full here, and be sure to check out the visuals below: 


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