V Premiere: Nova Miller’s Music Video for “Man’s World”

Take the man out of the mechanic’s shop and you have Nova Miller’s newest music video.

The world according to Nova Miller is, by no means, a man’s world. That’s the thought she’s proudly proclaiming in her newest single, “Man’s World.”

Already a TikTok sensation for her aesthetic and raw talent, Miller has that sort of star quality that seeps through the song. R&B and noir-influenced, she easily asserts her dominance over those who claim we’re living in a world run by men. Her famous whistle notes and vocal runs make their appearance towards the end of the track as well, driving her point home with a final high note.

Image credits: Nikko LaMere

Miller’s aesthetic has always been one to champion 60s influences and high camp. But she drops it all for a simpler, grungier music video for the track. Positioning herself in the ultimate man cave, a motorcycle shop, Miller takes control and becomes the mechanic herself, clad in leather jumpsuits and oil-slicked tanks. And, side note, there isn’t a single male appearance in the video, that’s what Miller’s presence commands.

“This music video was shot during the last couple of weeks of 2020, a year where we’ve all had to make a lot of adjustments,” Miller says. “As an artist, there was so much that I wanted to express while shooting this video since this year was so transformative for the world. “Man’s World” is really all about taking control of your feelings and finding the inner strength to not need anyone and not let anybody tell you who you are and what you can and can’t do. I wanted to tell that story using the symbolism of being in the mechanic shop and channeling my inner motorcycle baddie. The bike is a metaphor for you to fix you, fix yourself. Fashion-wise, we took inspiration from the gorgeous 90’s supermodel era. I’m so grateful for my wonderful team special shoutout to my stylist Xavier LeBron, director Nikko LaMere, manager Lolene, and day to day manager Vendela for always making my visions come to life.”

Watch Nova Miller’s new music video for “Man’s World” from her EP, The Passion, below:

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