V Premiere: Sophia Messa’s Good Vibrations

The singer/songwriter’s “offyourface” video heralds pop-princess clout.

As everything from Pulp Fiction to Britney’s “You Drive Me Crazy” video have proven, a sleepy diner is a classic venue for messy drama. The latest artist to tap into the trope is rising 19-year-old singer Sophia Messa, whose sultry vocals and mostly harmless coquetry (not counting the broken glassware) ensnare both front- and back-of-house in the “offyourface” video, out today.

The Brazilian-American import’s second drop this year, the vibey love song and accompanying video cast Messa in an empowered, reverse-chivalric role—one accentuated by her glossy pout and sparkly choker. A songwriter as well as a singer (she recently joined a clout-heavy, industry-sponsored songwriting retreat in Bali with the likes of new pal Lauren Jauregui), Messa says the concept is a playful riff on a cautionary tale. 

Sophia Messa (courtesy: Arista Records)

I really wanted to have fun with the ‘offyourface’ video, so anything that I did or that happened to me in it would also happen to the guy at the same time,” Messa tells V. “We played with the idea of being careful of who you are jumping into a relationship with, because you don’t know what the consequences are… Good or bad!”

Check out the good vibrations below.



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