V Premiere: Vérité’s “Good for It”

The Indie singer gets introspective on her latest track.

Indie-pop singer VÉRITÉ has dropped a dreamy new single—accompanied with equally striking visuals—for her upcoming album, new skin. “good for it” is her latest music video since she released a stunning video for her last single, “gone.”

On the track, the singer had a few words to say: “This song is a contradiction. On the surface, it’s about wanting to be good for your word. It’s about wanting to live up to the version of yourself you want to be. It’s contradictory in its attempt because so often I don’t think we know who we are or what we want in relationships with others.” She goes on to share that her perspective of herself and who she thinks she should be can change without notice.  “The former is how you see yourself, the latter, how others see you.”

Check out what that means to her below.

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