V Premiere: Wafia Drops Dreamy New Single “Flowers & Superpowers”

Watch the singer-songwriter explore an imaginary wonderland in the colorful music video.

Originally exploring her passion for music on the side while still in school studying biomedicine, the Iraqi-Syrian artist Wafia’s talent skyrocketed her after-school hobby into a full-time career. Today, the 26-year-old singer-songwriter just dropped her dreamlike new single “Flowers & Superpowers” along with an illusory new music video directed by Alexandra Gavillet to accompany. Discovering new realities in a melodic cadence, Wafia’s new single is a monument of abstract exploration. 

“’Flowers and Superpowers’ was inspired by a night where I got a little too high off edibles and was the worst/most paranoid/talkative version of myself,” explained Wafia in a statement. “The whole time I was thinking if the person I was with would still love me after this embarrassment of a night but they were nothing but loving, kind and caring as they helped bring me back down. This song came together so quickly with Rogét and Wrabel and I’m beyond honored to have a legend like Hit-Boy on it too.”

In the music video’s opening scene, Wafia elegantly explores a fanciful wonderland in a luminous green dress among a set of phony objects hanging from a string. Falsified birds pleasantly bounce up and down through the air, counterfeit clouds hang perfectly still, and constructed flowers decorate the picture-perfect scene. The camera then pans to an entirely new scene where Wafia sits with a monotonous expression in a medical chair with three surgeons performing choreographed moves around her as she sings. “If I get way too high, would you talk me down?”, she sings as the scene spirals back into her altered dream world where she sits gazing at the sky and smelling the flowers. She stands to dance around the plastic set and ponders, “Is this real life. Am I dreaming?” Wafia then snaps back into a surgical room where the three surgeons perform “surgery” and pull out the red string and a heart-shaped pillow. Ending in the dream world where the singer puts the heart up against her chest, the music video juxtaposes dreams with an altered reality to showcase Wafia’s entirely new perspective on life. 

Experience Wafia’s wonderland for yourself below. 

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