V Premiere: ‘Who Cares’ by Chloe Black

Songwriter and artist not only stars but directs new music video.

Multilingual singer and songwriter, Chloë Black adds director to her already impressive portfolio. Self-directing the video for her new single, “Who Cares” the Paris raised artist challenges convention. The innovative debut is Chloë’s first release in over a year, yet the lyrics are ever so prevalent. The dynamic songwriter effortlessly emphasizes the importance of female empowerment.

As one of the most entrancing and emerging songwriters out there today, Chloë Black gave V some insight behind the production of her new visual.

“When I first wrote the chorus of ‘Who Cares’ it came to me all at once in a stream of consciousness. Lyrics, melody, and chords found their way to the surface in a sort of meditation. I vividly remember closing my eyes and seeing a vast infinite swirling cosmos. I pictured this deep, lonely void lit up by tiny stars all crying out to be seen and loved. It got me thinking about this notion of the ‘eternal’ and that’s what ultimately lead to what you see in the video.”

Chloë takes a strong feminist perspective for her video which offers “[a] tongue-in-cheek look at the ridiculous construct of beauty and femininity.” Inspiration is gathered from nineties movies that featured women with secret powers in a fascinating way and the dismantling of the ‘ideal’ European beauty.

Chloë sets the stage for her new project, by playing a character referred to as ‘La Blonde’ which is a nod to her French upbringing. Portraying herself in a drag-like Marylin ensemble and purposefully objectifying herself, the artist aims to crush the stigmas that discourage little girls from around the world. 

Enter the fantasy world with Chloë Black below.

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