V Wanna Know: Hayley Kiyoko Learns About Gerrymandering

Singer Hayley Kiyoko sits down with V’s Mathias Rosenzweig to learn more about gerrymandering.

Just in time for the midterm elections, singer Hayley Kiyoko and V Wanna Know host Mathias Rosenzweig learned all about America’s gerrymandering problem from the Senior Director of Redistricting at Campaign Legal Center, Mark Gaber. 

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“I think it’s important for myself and all voting citizens to be knowledgeable on the topic given the current political climate in our country. I know the basics of gerrymandering, but it’s so vital to know more,” Kiyoko recounts. “The more knowledge we have, the more we’re able to show up for ourselves. The more knowledge we have, we’re able to vote with confidence and I think that’s really important.” 

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Through her conversation with Gaber, Kiyoko learned about the process of redistricting and redesigning electoral maps to make some votes more important, while crushing other votes down. In the democratic process, all voices are meant to be equal. According to Gaber, this bureaucratic process of gerrymandering can obscure voting equity. 

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Hayley Kiyoko is not unfamiliar with the political scene. A proud lesbian and woman of color, everything that Kiyoko does is perceived as political, an act of resistance. “I was kind of born into activism and sharing my beliefs and standing up for people, because I had to stand up for myself,” Kiyoko shares. Her music, too, reflects this mission. With songs like “For The Girls” and “One Bad Night,” Kiyoko’s tracklist seems to form an expressive shutdown to heteronormativity. For Kiyoko, that’s her most natural, most true. 

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With midterm election results flooding in, we’ve learned firsthand just how important an individual vote can be. When you go to the ballot box, you expect your voice to be heard on an equal basis with your neighbor’s. But, because of a process like gerrymandering, that may not be true. Now is the moment to learn, alongside Hayley Kiyoko, just how gerrymandering is ravaging our electoral system. 

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Tune into this episode of V Wanna Know to learn more about Hayley Kiyoko’s artistic vision, how gerrymandering works in our political system, and just what we can do about it.

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