Valentina Sampaio’s NFT Dress Auction Becomes All-Time Highest Priced Fashion Item NFT

The Lions Management and blockchain company LUKSO have announced the winner of the history-making auction.

Transgender model and trailblazer Valentina Sampaio is auctioned an NFT digital art piece in the form of a dress designed by digital artist NERI (Gia Djahaia), and gave the proceeds to LGBTQIA+ charities, in partnership with blockchain leader, LUKSO.  The NFT was sold to Kevin Monahan, Founder of EcoFi for $300,000 US Dollars after the auction was extended last week, and became the highest-priced fashion item NFT sold of all time.



“I am so proud that co-creators at The Lions and LUKSO brought together the fashion and blockchain communities to send a loud message of solidarity and love to transgender women,” said Valentina. “Branislav Jankic and Jesse Ball’s film, together with NERI’s striking NFT, raised much-needed visibility for the alarming violence facing transgender women today and now we must all join together to create a better world where transgender people can know we are valued and beautiful just as we are.”

The launch of the NFT was paired with her Met Gala appearance. With the “In America: A Lexicon of Fashion,” theme, Sampaio raised the question of what it is like to be American when you are trans. Exploring this idea through her short film and launch of the NFT, Sampaio was able to raise awareness to this discussion through a digital platform.

Also partnering exclusively with organizations such as Pride Live, The Ali Forney Center and GLAAD, Valentina wanted to memorialize the loss of lives within the trans community. Hailing from Brazil which has the highest trans fatal violence rate in the world, Valentina’s goal is to raise awareness to a cause that is special for her.

“LAMBADA DYED RED WHITE AND BLUE” represents a cultural moment and a convergence of creative technologies, blockchain, the creative power of the authors, and the new spirit of our times, according to the website. 



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