Valentino Launches “Boudoir Bible” Pillow Book

Valentino unveils the seductive new Rockstud Alcove bag and shoes alongside a collaboration with author Betony Vernon.

In a book bound of uniqueness and provocation, Maison Valentino comes together with longtime friend Betony Vernon to narrate the evocative story of Rockstud Alcove Valentino Garavani.

The luxury fashion house and eccentric author of “The Boudoir Bible” deliver a unique experience in the pillow book, personalized with a custom Valentino Rockstud Alcove logo. An essential for all bedrooms, the joyful celebration of sex positivity through a unique lens is a seductive and thrilling tale, an ode to creative femininity and divine love.

First released via Rizzoli International Publications in 2013, “The Boudoir Bible” has had two printings so far, translated into seven languages with Italian, Russian and Greek translations forthcoming with the third edition. 

Whimsically beautiful illustrations by renowned artist Francois Berthoud feature across the book, which will be carried in unique erotic bookshops curated by Maison Valentino in Paris, Madrid, Milan, London, Los Angeles, New York and Seoul, creating a cultural, artistic experience surrounding the release.

Graceful yet fierce, romantic yet powerful, the provocative book is accompanied by a mysterious peep box designed to promote the voyeur within; a game of duality is played, one to see without being seen, continued through dedicated windows and mirrors, emphasized in contrasts of the red nappa lining.

The guide to gratifying sex and the world of pleasure in the ever-fluid landscape of the twenty-first century is an elevated essential, guiding one into the world of Betony’s classy approach to sensuality with the sophisticated touch of Valentino and the seductive world of Rockstud Alcove.

Shop Valentino here and find “The Boudoir Bible” in a bookstore near you beginning May 18. 

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