Valentino Unveils New Concept For Its Stores Worldwide

Valentino Unveils New Concept For Its Stores Worldwide

Valentino Unveils New Concept For Its Stores Worldwide

Maison Valentino introduces the new Maison.

Maison Valentino introduces the new Maison.

Text: Zizi Strater

Valentino unveils a new concept for all of its stores worldwide. The new design concept presents an evolution of the brand towards an increasingly human-centric approach and a more intimate retail experience.

To do this, Valentino changed the interiors of their stores to an Art Deco meets the 70s aesthetic. In combining the 1930s motifs with the vibrancy of 70s aesthetics, the brand creates something new that feels sleek and contemporary. The color palette is relatively neutral, with most of the color coming from gold accents and the pops of pink from Valentino’s latest collections.

In these new spaces, their floors will be patterned with geometric motifs rendered in Botticino and Sahara Noir marble, ceramic tiles will cover the façade, and elements of those gold accents plus onyx and wood grains complete the store's luxury feel.

Although this new aesthetic was the basis of all the new store designs, each store will be slightly different in an effort to increase the personal connections one can have with the space and reflect the culture and tastes of the places they are in.

The stores will now also feature special areas reserved for private appointments to enhance the feeling of intimacy and exclusivity within the carefully curated setting.

To create these new spaces, Valentino enlisted specialist craftsmen to produce eye-catching objects for the spaces: Massimiliano Pipolo created handmade ceramic door handles characterized by organic shapes suspended between functionality and abstraction, while Fabio Cinti was tasked with creating geometric compositions in brass, decorative objects that merge a contemporary language with an ancient craft.

Then there was also mobilier Alexandre Logé, who created delicate chandeliers made of sculpted plaster, white objects with extending branches hanging luminously in the space.

And, of course, everyone needs somewhere to sit, so within each store is the perfect choice of furniture, including iconic Camaleonda sofas by Mario Bellini for B&B Italia in bespoke jewel tones, which rest on top of graphic rugs by contemporary maker Golran.

Credits: Photos courtesy of Maison Valentino


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