Valextra Reintroduces The Everyday Bag

The brand’s 24/7 collection focuses on simplicity and sophistication in a range of inspired pastels

Made to carry your most necessary belongings, a bag must be a woman’s most trusted belonging, responsible to serve both the public and private moments of your everyday life. Now more than ever, a bag must be up to par with what modern-day life requires – whether it be commuting to a 9-5 or a weekend accessory.  This is the ethos that permeates 24/7 Valextra, a collection from the brand that celebrates seven icons of urban craft that articulate the new sensibilities and life structures of today. 

Exploring their signature streamlined, sophisticated aesthetic, Valextra places their purses within everyday environments,  highlighting the vibrancy in the simple.  Inspired by the dawn-to-dusk cycle of a day, a new color palette is introduced, beginning with the morning light as represented by powder blue and cement gray. We then meet the midday buzz of citrine yellow, mint, apple and musk green, followed by the sunset of antique pink, peach, gold and Havana brown. Each individual style uniquely articulates a different complexity, while remaining true to the aesthetic identity and craft of Valextra: bold yet soft, reserved yet eccentric. 

The Iside, the NoLo and the Babila bags all receive updates in this collection, blending the elegant construction with modern elements that allow for versatility and personal interpretation. All iconic shapes, these styles are lighter options, focusing on sharp edges and light colors that prioritize practicality and accessibility throughout the encounters of the day. Whether at a morning caffè or a cultural activity in the evening, these styles will be your best friend. 

The “Bunny” Bucket Bag, the Duetto handbag, and the Milano handbag all offer options with upgraded space, created with the woman on the go in mind. The “Bunny” mimics the tactility of nature in courtyards, the style combining city-suited functionality with an effortless approach. Meanwhile, the Duetto offers refined geometric symmetries channeling the formality of old Milan. A new addition to Valextra, the Milano handbag is the perfect option for the 9-to-5, focused on re-engineered comfort with new leather and femininity. While flawlessly suited for the everyday essentials, these handbags balance work with pleasure, bringing serenity to what can often feel chaotic. 

Ultimately the original Valextra icon, the Tric Trac bag, reasserts the timely codes that define the brand in its reimagined design. More than that, the remade bag embodies this entire collection’s purpose: to reinspire an item so personal, so classic and yet so exemplary. A celebration of essentiality and elegance, 24/7 Valextra refocuses their designs at the epicenter of life, from sunrise to sunset. 

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