Versace Jeans Couture Launches “Vision For The Future”

Meet the brand’s collaborators from the first installment of the new serues.

It helps to be optimistic about our shared future as we all continue to brave the current pandemic. The times of big challenge are usually followed by times of big change, and many are looking for ways to reshape our societies for the better. With love, solidarity and togetherness at the forefront, Versace used the power of collective to launch its Fall/Winter 2020 Versace Jeans Couture collection though a unique project dubbed “Vision For The Future.”

In these unprecedented times, Versace decided to enlist a series of multimedia artists to explore a vision for the future through their medium of choice. They are the next generation of trailblazing creatives who explore themes of love, unity and togetherness through their social content in a playful and optimistic way.

Launched earlier last week on July 2, the first series features hand-animated images and collages from Jason Yan Francis. Here’s what we know about him:

Jason Yan Francis @jason_yan_francis
Jason is a French director and photographer based in Paris. In everything from a video shot from the point of view of the French Navy to a skateboarding film edited backwards, Jason uses his strong technical skills to create visual tricks that capture the viewer’s attention through various techniques and media. With unique camera movements, editing tricks, hand-made animations and collages as his specialty, he has developed a unique style that intersects graphics with meaningful visual narratives.

“For this series of multimedia collages, I wanted to illustrate how younger generations are brought together by creativity. I decided to focus on creativity at home and captured Lilian and Hannah, two people who I believe are cultivating real creative lifestyles. Both are passionate about various art forms — from sewing, drawing and dancing to make-up and writing. Even though they’re strangers to each other, I wanted to make them meet virtually through my collages. I collaborated with them at each of their homes, building DIY sets, and overall wanted to show that anything’s possible with creativity and optimism. Through my work, I wish to encourage people to express themselves without fear of judgment, of making something that’s not perfect — because as long as you have your point of view, as long as you’re making things, that’s what truly matters.”

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