Versace Takes on ‘Neon Grunge’ For Fall 2019

We review Donatella’s Milan Fashion Week styles

Since selling to Michael Kors back in 2018, Donatella has taken each season as an opportunity to remind us that Versace is still Versace! The Fall 2019 collection was about creating something new while honoring the legacy of the brand.

During the 1990’s Versace (Gianni) was best known for bold prints, bright colors, bondage and safety pins, rather than flannel and ripped denim. Versace was all about high glamour and sex appeal. Today Donatella gives us her take on Grunge, with a neon collection that will no doubt attract a younger demographic. 

“A little bit of imperfection is the new perfection,” said Donatella. “The way we live today, online and in Instagram, it’s not really right. There’s a need for a little imperfection.” This sentiment lead Donatella to the 90’s grunge movement for inspiration. The soundtrack to the runway was electro-acid house merged with Nirvana guitar riffs. 

The show featured looks of shredded cashmere sweaters, leather slips trimmed with neon lace, stockings, beanies, plaids with style inspiration pulled from ‘Kinder-Whore’ (think 90’s bands Babes in Toyland and Hole) The show was a celebration of acid colors, disheveled hair, schoolgirl tartan, miniskirts, fur trim coats, strappy bondage bustiers worn with killer stilettos, Doc Martens style boots and sneakers. Donatella combined grunge elements with classic Versace designs. More luxe moments came from backless black evening dresses with crisscrossing gold chains, and coats in Baroque / Jacquard styles.

Donatella also paid tribute to herself, with a white T-shirt printed with a 1995 Richard Avedon image that was used in the campaign for the fragrance Versace Blonde.  There was a big emphasis on bags with the debut of new handbag line, Virtus. The bags were dressed with dangling charms; diamond studded apple cores, dogs and safety pins. 90’s Super’ Stephanie Seymour closed the show while Gigi, Bella, Kendall, Kaia and Burberry muse, MariaCarla walked the runway.

For a collection that explored imperfection, Donatella presented something that was still very glamorous and sexy… very Versace.

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