Versace’s SS22 Runway Is Bold and Playful

Opened and closed by Dua Lipa at Milan Fashion Week, the show was a colorful collection of elegant looks.

Versace is all about the drama. 


In a darkened room at Milan Fashion Week, shirtless—yet mask-clad, because priorities—male models lining each side of the runway pull on ropes, initiating a constant, billowing effect for the Versace silk scarves plastered to the ceiling. A play on light and dark, shadows and contrast begins the spring/summer 2022 show.

Opened by Versace sweetheart Dua Lipa (with her hit track “Physical” serving as the soundtrack to the show) clad in an elegant black blazer fastened by colorful safety pins with side cut-outs, the SS22 runway revealed a collection at once sleek and sexy, fun and youthful—Versace’s strong suit. 


Versace’s spring/summer 2022 collection is confident and bold, entirely sure of itself—with every right to be. The zeitgeist is captured flawlessly in the collection, emulated in garments that demand to be seen in a setting deserving of such haute and haughty looks. Blazers, shorts, mini dresses, maxi dresses; everything comes together in a seamless series of looks, each one building off its predecessor and anticipating what is to follow. 

Simple black fabrics make up the core of the collection, with other textures and colors woven in for a dynamic, cohesive look. Versace plays with silk and leather, combining scarves into the sides of dresses, utilizing it as a rich yellow, red and blue print. Shiny, tight vinyl has its moment in standout looks; Gigi Hadid strutted an ultra-bodycon, ruched vinyl dress, and a stunning yet simple hot pink vinyl mini dress paired with a neon orange head scarf of the same fabric makes a case for the return of the 80s’ favorite tight fabric (the green eyeshadow worn by the models only makes the case stronger).


Prints in varying colors and patterns make the already dynamic collection all the more nuanced; pink and gray florals clash with green and pink flowers clash with a lime and purple geometric print, while the Versace scarf print stands out on its own, adorning accessories, blouses and bottoms. Bright colors, however, are the star of the show; Naomi Campbell clad in a hot pink blazer with matching trousers and an orange cut-out top makes that a certainty.


The playful looks of day give way to the elegant evening looks at the end of the show, where sequins and glitter reign supreme. Lourdes Leon models a sequinned silver V-neck midi dress with artful side cut-outs and a back slit, while gowns made of glittery black fabric create billowing silhouettes in sultry shapes.

Standout looks of the collection seamlessly meld Versace’s signature elevated luxury with the sexy confidence of contemporary fashion. A neon yellow sweater vest with artful embroidery highlights a tasteful menswear look; a denim mini dress with silk scarves sewn into the sides combines casual with couture;  a sequin green mini dress held together by giant safety pins recalls Versace’s excellence with the texture; and Dua Lipa closing the show in a hot pink, sequin bustier crop top and maxi skirt with a high leg slit is the modern era of Versace in essence.


If we’re taking our cues from Versace—which we are—spring/summer 2022 is all about bold looks, raw confidence and infallible, playful sensuality.

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