Vetements’ New Necklace Doubles As a Weed Grinder

Vetements’ New Necklace Doubles As a Weed Grinder

Your dreams of a high-fashion smoke session are now a reality.

Your dreams of a high-fashion smoke session are now a reality.

Text: Jake Viswanath

Most fashion brands who create a classic pendant simply stamp the necklace with their signature logo or maybe incorporate a locket with a miniature frame for sentimental purposes. But Vetements is not a typical fashion brand. The Paris label is making their name by subverting the usual fashion system, refraining from presenting collections at traditional runway shows and cultivating provocative looks that break fashion norms. Vetements has become a fashion leader by bucking the trends, so it would be shocking to not see the designers go left field for their newest accessory.


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Yesterday, Vetements unveiled the “Grinder” necklace, which is exactly what it sounds like. The round pendant unlocks to reveal a functional weed grinder, making it the perfect gift for the snobby stoner in your life. The release of the necklace, the latest piece from their Fall 2016 collection, follows the legalization of recreational marijuana in California, Massachusetts, Nevada, and Maine earlier this month.

This isn’t the first time that the fashion world has experimented with weed. Marijuana leaf prints were a prominent design of Alexander Wang’s Fall 2016 collection, and label Baja East featured vape pens in their F/W '16 runway show.

The necklace comes in shades of gold and silver, and is adorned with the stark Vetements logo. But don’t expect your next Mary Jane and munchies night to come for cheap—the necklace is priced at $750. In other words, make sure that high-fashion stoner friend foots some of the bill.

The necklace is available now at retailers like The Webster and SSENSE.

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