Victor Glemaud Redefines Knitwear With Fall 2021 Collection

In a digital activation at NYFW, Victor Glemaud presents a collection of bold, sexy knits made for all bodies.

Victor Glemaud presents a series of fearless, bold statement knits with his Fall 2021 collection, debuting digitally at New York Fashion Week. 

Sans runway show, the vibe of the collection is vivid enough that it transcends the need for an audial component and catwalk experience—the garments, vivid and voguish, speak for themselves, hugging curves and exposing stretches of rib cages and collarbones, effortlessly draped and seamlessly tailored.

Known for his statement knitwear designed for people of all genders, races and sizes, Glemaud has presented collection after collection of daring, excitable knits since the launch of Victor Glemaud in 2006. He has dressed celebrities and influencers including Iman, Selena Gomez, Hailey Baldwin, Laura Harrier and Ashley Graham—a modern designer embracing a modern world, crafting expression and personality out of refined knitwear.


Where previous collections were loud conglomerations of color—the February 2020 presentation was streaked with violet and shades of tangerine—Glemaud returns with a more muted color palette for Fall 2021, black and white speckled with rusted orange, pale pink and shades of butter yellow. 

While maintaining a coherent palette along the same fabric, Glemaud manages to create a collection that is still bold and diverse in and of itself. “Knitwear,” here, is synonymous not with chunky sweaters and buttoned cardigans, but with alluring one-shouldered dresses with rib cutouts, with hot pants and maxi skirts, with playfully elegant full-sleeve, floor-length dresses and sporty thick-strapped tank tops.


The Fall 2021 collection by Victor Glemaud is a feat not only of fabric, but of silhouette and texture, too. Garments either hug in all the right places or taper out in just the right way, accentuating the form with clingy knits. Designs play with contrasts and color blocking, placing slabs of black and white alongside each other or else using cable knit textures and stripes to create a contemporary, urban look, mimicking stylized streetwear and connotations of athleticwear while remaining effortlessly chic. 

Shop the full Fall 2021 collection by Victor Glemaud here


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