Video Premiere: Emotional Oranges' "Motion"

Video Premiere: Emotional Oranges' "Motion"

The duo's releasing their video for the summer-ready banger.

The duo's releasing their video for the summer-ready banger.


There's an LA-based band called Emotional Oranges. While that feels brilliant enough in itself to potentially walk away from this post, it's not where this ends. Their debut single "Motion" picked up major steam upon its release, clocking in at over 250,000 Spotify streams within the first two weeks. It also got a stamp of approval from Beats 1 radio host Zane Lowe, which is promising. The sultry track caught on with its R&B-infused brand of pop, which evokes vintage feels pulsating with a modern twist. It's sure to make its way onto a plethora of summer playlists, which will certainly include ours.

Today, V is excited to premiere the track's music video, creative directed by Amber Park. About "Motions", Park says:

"Dangerously seductive and irresistibly vibrant, it was a pleasure to be able to dive into the world of Emotional Oranges and create a visual interpretation of the juicy, sensual, rhythmic and moody aesthetic. We wanted to create not only a sexy body of work, but also a very flirtatious, playful tease of energy to craft the fun and carefree attitude that I believe embodies the Emotional Oranges brand. Thank you to DP, Bawwse, and Vanessa Kann (film photographer) for collaborating and helping bring this magic to life."

In response, the duo of Emotional Oranges said:

"We were excited when we found out Amber and her team were passionate about our project and wanted to creative direct our debut single! This video is hopefully the first of many collaborations together."

Speaking of the first of many, stay tuned for Emotional Oranges' follow-up single in July, as well as their debut EP later this fall.

Directed by Carlos Baez, @bawwse


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