Vivienne Westwood Evokes The French Rococo With Autumn/Winter ’21 Collection

The new collection debuted in a digital launch embodying French regality and lushness with timeless British tailoring and contemporary classics.

In a whirlwind of rich color, contrasting texture and finely tailored garments, Vivienne Westwood has digitally launched their Autumn/Winter ‘21 collection, a feat of style and refinement. 

The unisex collection evokes the French Rococo, a buoyant, vibrant scape heralding François Boucher’s 1743 painting Daphnis and Chloe, the thematic print interwoven throughout. The romanticism of the sky, the serenity of the pastoral landscape, the lushness with which life can be lived: these are the elements encapsulated in the Rococo, reembodied in the collection.

A timeless reinterpretation of artistry merging the then and the now, the Vivienne Westwood collection is composed of various design stories merging into one cohesive, intricately outfitted unit.

Westwood takes iconic British archive styles, balancing classic silhouettes and fine fabrics—wool, tartans, herringbone, and King of Wales check are dotted throughout—with contemporary recycled denim, forest positive viscose, organic silks, and eco printing systems. In the digital launch of the collection, models reconcile the modernness of the pieces with the French Rococo inspiration they draw from—rosy cheeks and lips blush powdered faces, eyebrows are overdrawn, hairlines are pushed back into a delicate tangle of Parisian curls. 

Embedded in earthy jewel tones—rich shades of plum, magenta, emerald, and sapphire,—the spirit of the Rococo is captured across garments, reworked and relayed into pieces that are quietly sophisticated while proudly fun, gracefully vibrant while effortlessly elevated. 

It is a collection built upon layers and silhouettes: tight body-con dresses are balanced by oversized, boxy blazers and wide-legged pants; silky ruffled blouses are tempered by mini-skirts, which are in turn contrasted by exaggerated lapels and oversized shoulder pads.

A step into the decadent French Rococo, Vivienne Westwood’s collection is a celebration of refinement and pleasure, an ode to the richness of everyday luxury in the 21st century. Standout pieces include a half-black, half-green tartan coat that falls beneath the knee; wide-legged, boxy trousers with opposing checkered prints on each leg; a powder blue co-ord suit; and the print of Boucher’s Daphnis and Chloe, interwoven throughout the entirety of the collection, dotting button-up shirts and minidresses, tees and trousers, corsets and denim jackets, plunging the contemporary chicness into the past.

Ever attuned to detail, accessories of the collection evoke French fineries, too. The French beret and bicorne—a two cornered hat—is seen in various neutral shades with a bow adornment, while leather handbags are featured in complementary jewel tones. Sheer tights and knee socks come in decadent diamond prints, shades of clementine and lavender, pale green and sand adding just the right touch of calculated carelessness to the looks, making them easily adaptable to the everyday. 


Shop the full Vivienne Westwood Autumn/Winter ‘21 collection here.

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