Vivienne Westwood Launches Spring/Summer '21 Collection

Vivienne Westwood Launches Spring/Summer '21 Collection

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Vivienne Westwood Launches Spring/Summer '21 Collection

In a digital short film, the British label showcased lively, spirited new looks.

In a digital short film, the British label showcased lively, spirited new looks.

Text: Trishna Rikhy

British fashion label Vivienne Westwood released their Spring/Summer ‘21 collection in a high-spirited short film, showcasing their unisex, English-tailored pieces on super 8mm film.

Against spunky, alternative music, models showcase the new collection in behind-the-scenes footage of lookbook photoshoots, giving an up-close look of the energetic, modern punk Spring/Summer line.



“Buy less, dress up, swap clothes,” said Vivienne Westwood. “It is always street theatre, we play around with size of detail, collars, turn-ups, pockets, buttons, ties, accessories; size of graphics—giant pin-stripes, giant spots or spots so tiny they look like a dust of color, flowers. Dress for the time of day, or don’t dress for the time of day—wear your evening clothes to the office if you go back to work, mix seasons—our aim is to show only one collection a year.”

The designer, largely credited with bringing eclectic, new wave fashions into the scene, continues an unflinching streak of uniqueness and perfectly-tailored high fashion with the vibrant new collection. Standout pieces include a prim, crimson heart-shaped bag, a 90s punk-esque plaid miniskirt (or trousers) and blazer set in lilac and yellow, a striking slim-fitting, black, one-shoulder ruched dress, and a matching loose shirt and trousers set in bold red and lack Chrissie Stripes print.

“Chrissie Hynde prints—great voice, great guitar, punks together,” said Westwood. “Chrissie and I have been friends for years. She paints, Andreas had the idea to use her paintings for prints. She would have given them to us, instead we donated to her charity,—a farm which doesn’t kill the cow.”

Many of the pieces of the new collection are made with goals of sustainability in mind, too; organic cotton and organic silk are used throughout, as is forest positive viscose and recycled cotton or denim.

With Vivienne Westwood, colors and prints modestly intermingle in the most tasteful of ways; the collection is laced with periodic pops of bright red or vivid cerulean, and various forms of plaid and gingham interweave themselves throughout. 


Shop the Spring/Summer ‘21 collection on Vivienne Westwood’s website.



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