Vivienne Westwood Wants You to Buy Less

Her message may have flopped to some, but the clothes were on point.

American actress Rose McGowan joined other activists in this year’s Vivienne Westwood RTW Fall 2019 show. To even call it a fashion show feels misinformed. The collection was showcased in an old church and was much more of a social justice performance featuring graphic designs, point proving pieces, and a humanized Pinocchio.

The much-respected British designer is known for pushing boundaries and bringing important concepts and messages to life through her designs. This year, the focus was evidently climate change, complete with a variety of speeches touching on consumerism by the activists modeling the clothes. 

Never one to shy from expressing her opinions publicly, some are saying that this show might not have been the most effective due to the contradicting messages. To play Vivienne’s advocate; regardless of the alleged hypocrisy, at least she is presenting something of substance. She is already wildly successful, and maybe this collection was simply about the message. Many designers do not talk about issues like this as blatantly as she has. With topics like this one becoming more and more pressing, we have to applaud Vivienne for using her platform to shine light on an important point.

So which is it? A message that may have flopped or an important moment in fashion? We will let you decide for yourself. But regardless of what you choose, you can’t deny that the collection is incredibly unique and well crafted. It included beautiful topcoats, on-brand non-conforming styling, and graffiti-covered layers topped off with a graphic phallus t-shirt.


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