VMAN City Guide: Madrid

Rediscovering Spain with Alvaro Gracia.

Shot in the majestic city of Madrid, photographer Alvaro Gracia discusses after moving there a few years ago, he still finds magic in being a tourist in his own city as it slowly recovers from being one of the hardest hit in the pandemic. He says despite it all, the city gave him what he needed. “It gave me inspiration, knowledge, experience, and introduced some fresh air in my life. I will cherish and value this city always for that,” he said.

Behind the images, is a living representation of reconnection to the city and the inspiration behind the locations dear to him. “The museum was chosen because there is an exhibition of the amazing artist Chema Madoz who’s abstract style and photography is beyond,” he explained.”[And] the crystal palace is an emblematic place, especially beautiful from the inside, but we could not shoot it because of coronavirus so we took some shots from the outside. It is still breath-taking.”

He reminisces about Retiro Park as a “romantic and dreamy location”, where it’s common people rent small boats, but with the pandemic, it was oft the photographer had to reconsider shoot plans. “Being honest we had to modify quite a lot of ideas from the shoot and had to adapt to the situations that were happening,” said Gracia. “You can still feel some fear in the street but is slowly recovering back to its normal, vibrant lifestyle.”

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All clothing throughout is Emporio Armani.

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