VMAN EXCLUSIVE: Bazzi Discusses New Song ‘Crazy’ and Creativity During Quarantine

The multi-platinum singer-songwriter gives us the first look into his latest music.

Bazzi has definitely given us a musical fix during quarantine, especially in times where we seem to need it the most. With tracks like “I Got You”, “Renee’s Song” and “Young & Alive” from his upcoming project, he’s definitely not finished releasing music this year. Fresh off of the release of his latest single and video, “I Don’t Think I’m Okay,” which tackles the reality of mental health issues during such a chaotic time, he’s back with a brand new song, “Crazy.”

VMAN caught up with the singer-songwriter to discuss his quarantine creative process, what to expect this year, and the inspiration behind his latest single “Crazy,” out now.

VM You have a new single, “Crazy” dropping this week. Can you tell us what the song is about? What do you want fans or listeners to takeaway?

BAZZI “Crazy” is about the state of the world. I feel like things right now are so unstable & confusing. I wanted to make a song that mirrored the way I think the world feels.

VM Has your creative process for this track and music, in general, differed in any way with quarantine restrictions in place?

B I think my creative process has stayed relatively the same, I’m always making music and trying to put my feelings into songs—but, I will say something that’s differed is the feelings I’m putting into the music. I think we all feel pent up, overly bored & antsy right now at the way things are. So I guess right now that’s the energy I’m projecting.

VM How have you been feeling about creativity in general during this time?

B On and off – I’m so used to being out in the world & seeing people. Being inspired by a moment I had during my day or an interaction with a stranger which has all been obviously limited recently. I’m having trouble finding the energy/excitement to be creative outside of music to be honest. These days are starting to feel very hazy.

VM What do you have coming up for the rest of the year? What can fans expect from new music?

B Definitely more music. I feel for people in this time that are feeling the same way I am, and knowing putting out music can offer some comfort to people or some sort of escape makes me feel good. that’s the reason why I do it.

Listen to Bazzi’s new hit single “Crazy” below:


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