VMAN Premiere: Kingdom Releases “No More Same” Music Video

All about racing towards a new way of life, and making change in the world around you.

Just a few weeks ago, LA-based producer and DJ Kingdom has released a new song in collaboration with LUVK. On the track co-written with Rush Davis and Farrah Fawx, LUVK talks about breaking out of her old ways and searching for something bigger and better. The single will act as an opening to Neurofire, a collaborative LP due for a release on September 18.

In the meantime, the duo is bringing us the official music video for the track. It all started last year when Kingdom’s brother brought him to one of LUVK’s shows at Catch One; the DJ was enamored with her magnetic performance. The two have reunited recently to work with songwriter Kaydence who also wrote on Beyonce and Brandy’s newest projects. “It’s a totally different direction from most songs I’ve worked on or even listened to lately, all about racing towards a new way of life, and making change in the world around you,” Kingdom says. “Especially because of the lyrical content, we decided to donate all the proceeds to Black and Trans causes.”

Because the two had to work on this project in quarantine, they had to come up with a different approach that wouldn’t require having a big crew on set. They ended up shooting the whole thing on an old camcorder, inside a big metal drainage tube that runs under California’s 2 freeway and in the woods nearby. “The idea was a post-apocalyptic escape,” Kingdom explains. “We all got soaked and covered in dirt crossing the river but it was a much needed creative release after being indoors for 2 months!”

Check out the newly-released visualizer below:


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